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Product Description

Coligone  is designed to be administered orally either directly from the syringe or added to the feed. Contains active natural ingredients, which help maintain healthy acid levels and support a healthy digestive tract.

Administering Coligone can combat bloated, gassy or tucked up tummies, which can be associated with stress.

Directions for use: 50ml Syringe to be administered orally or mixed with feed, twice a day, for 5-7 days, before reducing the amount fed to 30ml twice a day.  Topping up with 50ml of Coligone Liquid, 20/30 mins prior to anything stressful, such as travelling or competing.  Guards against gastric irritation.

Can be used as an EQUINE CALMER if fed at 50ml, preferably 20/30 mins prior to stress or as soon as your horse needs immediate support from the diet.

Coligone's unique action coats the stomach and provides a buffer-raft, to protect the delicate upper areas of the stomach from excessive gastric acid.

Helps to maintain healthy acid levels in the gut and may be used during periods where disturbance of the microflora has occurred within the digestive tract.

Can assist with problems caused by raised acid levels such as wind sucking, tucking up, grumpy behaviour and poor performance in competition horses.

Excellent for use whilst travelling.

Veterinary endorsed and routinely used for pre/post operative care in foals and horses.

  • Refillable Coligone Syringes - ideal for use with Coligone Liquid refill bottles
  • Easy to use to help maintain a healthy gut.
  • Promotes healthy hooves, coat and skin.  Eyes shine and horses have a seal like coat when fed twice daily.
  • Convenient - Ideal for use whilst away from home. Can be kept in a first aid box on the horsebox.
  • Ideal for use during periods of stress where gastric acid levels are high and saliva production is low
  • Free of any banned substances - suitable for use whilst competing under rules.



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We have partnered with Interparcel and use both ParcelForce and Evri,  to ensure that your Coligone parcel is delivered within optimum delivery requirements. Standard delivery is 48 hours, if you require speedier delivery, please email us to let us know, when you have placed your order.

ParcelForce is part of the Post Office and is one of the most reliable forms of delivery there is available.  Opt to have your Coligone delivered to an address, or to a local Post Office, if you have delivery issues.

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